Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So it Goes

I think New Years resolutions are funny. Think about it. At the beginning of each New Year we try to think of something that we would really like to do or learn to do. For example, Last year I wanted make a documentary and the year before I wanted learn how to speak Portuguese. I can’t even tell you what the year before that was because none of my resolutions ever really come to fruition. I would rush to think about something and by the second week of January I had already forgotten all about it.

I think I was setting unrealistic goals. I mean. Creating a documentary film or learning a new language is possible, but I think resolutions should be seamless additions to your life. It helps when it come to keeping the resolution going throughout the upcoming months.

This year, for example, I decided I wanted to write more. I figured that writing would be a good practice to take up, but I didn’t really know what to write. I thought about keeping a journal, but that seemed a little too Doug for me. I hummed and hawed on the matter until one day I saw a sign.

Not like a sign from the Heavens or anything, but an actual sign. I noticed it because it had a picture of my friend Kwadwo on it. The poster was all about the Nipissing Blog Contest and at that moment I knew that I had found my writing outlet.

While this will not be my last blog post it will be my last opportunity to say thank you before the contest ends. After April 15th the four-month journey comes to an end and without the support of the people who followed along I don’t think I would have made it past the first week.

I have said this before in private conversation - and I’ll say it again here – nothing is more motivating then returning to your blog to see that people have commented on postings. The ideas shared, links posted, and stories told all help to create a grand conversation. The feedback is ten times more rewarding than the actual practice of writing.

So, thank you. Plain and simple. This has been and will continue to be a life changing experience.

My faith has been restored in the New Years resoltion


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the opportunity to reflect. It is something we do not always take the time to do in our busy lives.
Thank you for creating a platform to share and for having the courage to be the first one to stand on it.
Thank you for sharing a little peice of the beautiful song that comes from your heart.
Keep writing, keep singing, keep standing up, words and thoughts can truly change the world.


Nickname unavailable said...


Thank you for allowing us to join you on this new adventure. You truly have the gift of gab. Good luck on all your future writing endeavours and remember...

"That more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go."
-Dr. Seuss

Good luck :)


Anonymous said...


I believe that you hold great talent. I am privileged to have gotten to know you in my Bed program. I believe that great things will happen to you in the future, and that one day you WILL become an excellent and well known writer. I know for sure that I will buy your first book ;) Please keep up with your New Year's resolution, otherwise, great words will be lost that should be shared.


Anonymous said...


Every time I see that you have posted a new blog I get all excited and can't wait to read what you have to say , I truly enjoy your style of writing.
You're a talented story teller.

Thanks for sharing your journey about being an ordinary guy ..


Steven said...

You're welcome my friend. Great job and I look forward to seeing your blog evolve over time. Cheers!

Kwadwo said...

After months of secretly following you I've decided that now is the time to leave my mark on this blog, especially since my mere image was the driving force that pushed you towards towards blogging. On a serious note, great job! You've inspired me as well because I'm vowing to reopen my almost forgotten blog page and write write write! I will also post a picture of you (from high school ha!) on my first post. Congrats to you for doing what you love and keeping to your resolution; if only I was as strong as you.

MattyG said...


Not only was it a privilege to know you as a person, it was a pleasure reading this blog. Your writing style is captivating, insightful, and very thought provoking. You mentioned in one of your posts about "being the big wave"- well let me say that I want you to ride that wave as well. Please find some avenue that allow for the continuation of your literary presence. As we journey to influence and inspire as educators, we need to remember how to influence and inspire ourselves away from the classroom environment. Congratulations on an excellent and informative blog, and all the best in your future teaching engagements!

Anonymous said...


Really enjoyed your blog these last few months. It always put a smile on my face and made me believe there are still good people out there in this world who want to make a difference...

Look forward to reading your books one day :)