Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What If Growing Up Is Today?

I do a lot of thinking when I am driving around in my car. These days I cruise by a number of different gyms and I find myself thinking, “when I grow older I want to do more weights.” I want to get bigger, with more muscle, and one day (hopefully) I’ll attain that mean looking body I always wanted.

I find myself saying these, “when I get older” and “when I grow up” statements quite a bit. What I also notice is that they are usually attached to improvement statements. I am always looking to eat better, run more, lift weights, see more places, and visit more friends/family. All of these are things I want to do “when I grow older.”

Then one day I had a moment where lightning struck my brain and started a brush fire across all my neurons - what if growing up was today?

I realize I’ll never be that muscle man if I don’t go to the gym, I’ll never start eating better if I don’t take the time to learn how to cook the right meals, I’ll never see more places if I don’t make a commitment to travel, and I’ll never see more friends/family if I don’t put myself out there to visit.

As I grow older I need to realize I am older. Change does not occur without action and to achieve the goals on my list I am going to need to start my action sooner rather than later. As Thomas Jefferson would say, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”


Marianne said...

I want to teach you how to cook healthy meals, I want to get on a plane beside you and I want to go for a run with you every morning. Sound like a plan? Its true we are grown up now, we just have to act on these things. However, its always good to have dreams and it shows that because you are thinking about them and they are on your mind that your at the first step of achieving those things you want to do. you have made great strides in the kitchen and even bigger with your workouts. Keep it up!

Joseph said...

Interesting thoughts Sean. You spend your whole life thinking about the things you want to do when you grow up then one day it hits most people - 3 kids, a dog, a full time job, and where did my youth go? Those were the best days of my life - when did they end?

If you take an active responsibility to your growth - maybe it won't be such when you realize it is time to take on new responsibilities.

Just remember you can always be young at heart.