Saturday, January 23, 2010

Almost, Somewhat, Maybe Independent

For the last 6 months I have been living in North Bay on my own. Well, not exactly on my own, but you know what it is like living away at school. You have an assortment of room mates who are all people you would have never imagined living with, but turn out to be the best friends you would have never met.

When I say alone I mean left to do things for yourself. When I left home 6 months ago I had little to no knowledge about how to cook, clean, do laundry, or any of the fun things being independent comes with.

Taking the big leap to attend a school that is not very close to home is a tough decision if people don’t feel comfortable with taking care of themselves.

If you are reading this right now thinking “oh man, this guy is right. I am really worried about living on my own” than heed my advice “You have nothing to worry about.” Think back to the time when you first learned how to swim. First you started with the water wings and you floated around knowing that you would never go under. Then one day someone decided that enough was enough and they were going to toss you into the water. I remember that moment as the scariest three seconds of my life. Until I burst out of the water and took that first breath of air and knew that swimming was no longer some unknown mystery, but a new skill I could use to move in water.

I realize that comparing living on your own to your first experience with swimming probably isn’t the best comparison due to the whole drowning possibility thing, but I am hoping you all see the point. If living North Bay is the pool than cooking, cleaning, and laundry is having the ability to swim.

The key is to remember that while you thought swimming was really scary once you dove in you realized it was really fun. It’s the same with moving North you just have to dive right in and embrace the possibility.

Like tonight for example. I will be officially checking the last major skill off my sheet of unknown knowledge. Tonight, I indulge in the art of ironing. Doesn’t that sound exciting? People have tried to show me before, but I think it is something that you just have to try for yourself. I am probably going to check youtube for an instructional video. Hopefully they include notes about how to keep yourself from burning a hole your favourite shirt.

Or perhaps I should just look into buying wrinkle free clothing?


craposo83 said...

Good job, one minute your learning how to boil an egg, the next your ironing. I'm impressed!!

Sean Raposo said...

did you know your email reads: Crap-Oso?

Meghan said...

I loved your comparison of living on your own to swimming (more because I was a lifeguard). I know I felt those same fears, and you're right its not that scary. However, I have not tried to iron my did that adventure turn out?
I feel part of our fear is linked with our parents, I know my parents would say things like, "wait until you are living on your own, and see if you can eat like this." Thanks Dad!
I am happy to announce that I am able to cook up an amazing meal and even include dessert with it :)
If I ever need to iron something...I'll give you a shout.