Thursday, January 21, 2010

Social Experiment

When I was in high school I was in a play titled “Faceless in the Crowd”. Cool name right… :S. Getting beyond the title, one of our underlying themes was the idea that we travel throughout our lives looking at people everyday and never taking in who they are and what they may be able to offer our lives.

It’s time to drop preconceived notions. REACH OUT YOUR HAND AND TOUCH SOMEBODY!!!

Alright, I get it. It’s not very cool go around touching people, but why not go around and talk to people? What’s the harm in that? Are we actually too busy to stop and talk to someone?

What if I said that everyone you meet has the potential to teach you something OR help you to see something in a way you had not thought about before? Would you consider stopping to talk? What’s five minutes? Think about it. We all have these all-encompassing tasks that need all our time and energy to complete, but we find time to do other things as well.

Talking with people is free and requires little to no time. “BUT IT’S SCARY!” you say? I would have to agree. You can’t just change yourself into a person who is comfortable with talking to people you have just met. For some, this task is something that might deconstruct their entire social existence. If you really don’t want to try you don’t have to. I am just some guy suggesting that University students liked to be talked to and like to talk about their subject of interest.

Keep in mind not everyone is buzzing with cool things to talk about and there will be times where your conversation doesn’t go beyond hello or that killer quiz you took.

Just remember: stranger danger doesn’t apply to the University populace.

“The Risk is Worth the Reward!”


The Music den said...
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Marianne said...

Great post! I think people dont realize the power they have by just walking down the hall and smiling at the people they walk by or if they are risky enough even saying hi to people they do not know. There are only two outcomes either the person will look at you extremely strangely and say nothing but think weird did that person just say hi to me? I dont think I know them, or they will smile and say hi back. A smile can go a long way!